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Night of 1000 Kates is an evening shameless ecstatic lushness in Philadelphia, using Kate Bush’s craft as the source material.


Inspired by NYC’s long running Night of 1000 Stevies, friends and artists—Cookie Factorial, Danielle Redden, and Crystal Kovacs—launched Night of 1000 Kates in Philadelphia in 2014.

Over the the past ten years hundreds of dancers, musicians, magicians, storytellers, performance artists, and freaks - mostly hailing from Philly - have performed in this special evening of revelry.


Thanks for joining us for our 2024 show! Stay tuned for info our next event.


tonight my dragons 

tonight we are home. 


we have no interest in being taken seriously

we have no interest in making sense

we have no interest in progress 

we have no interest in success

we are failures

we are perverse 

we are frivolous


we are here for pleasure and it is for pleasure that we do it


our pronouns are coracles floating, belly up, 

scooping water lilies into our mouths


our titles are violet tigers pulling chariots 

built of bracelets, brocade and iron


our names are rolling the altars over

down through the stained glass doors

into this fantastic effort of nothing


we are the color of the sky under ice

we are the burn in our palms


we know that deliverance will surely come



all we have to do is splice the rope 

(embody the stories that make worlds)

tie the knots

(allow fantasy to foreclose reality)     

secure the lines


all we have to do is

             let the weirdness in

  - written by danielle redden for Night of 1000 Kates, 2018

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